two unwanted intruders

We have been feeding four cats for the last couple of months. Two of the cats are our own – David and Bowie. But the other two are strays: one big black one and an orange tabby – both male.

They come in through any open door or window downstairs. Lori and I rarely see them eating the food but when the cats’ food dishes are licked clean, we know that they’ve been about.

Sometimes they come in when they’re not aware we’re downstairs. They leap in through the window, spot us and dart out through the front door, but not before briefly glancing over at the food bowls.

David and Bowie have taken to guarding the downstairs room. They’ll set themselves up in strategic locations so as to be able to most effectively pounce on the intruders or growl at them to scare them away. Unfortunately sleep beats them each time and instead of guarding the food bowls, they awaken, hours later, to find their food all gone and their owners a little perturbed that they’ll have to put out food AGAIN for them.

David won’t necessarily admit it but he’s actually becoming friends with the black cat. Maybe it’s a black cat thing. He was found a few nights ago in the kitchen doing absolutely nothing while the black cat saw me and jumped out through the one open window.

I’m nearly 99.9% sure that these two strays are not actually Corky and Connick – two out of the three kittens that went to live in Napajat (these two disappeared from their adopted families several months after being there) – but I have this Homeward Bound or Milo and Otis idea that perhaps they survived the jungles of Mae Hong Son and made it back to Sop Soi… only to discover their family doesn’t want them anymore. But I’m nearly quite sure it’s not them. I think.

At any rate, it’s getting expensive feeding four full-grown cats. We’ve tried covering the food dishes but those sneaky intruders are too smart and just knock the heavy plates off the bowls. I don’t know how to get rid of the strays and with free food available for them, I don’t think they’re going to be leaving any time soon.


2 thoughts on “two unwanted intruders

  1. Don’t feed your cats till they’re meowing furiously for food. Then give them smaller quantities than normal … so that food is never left sitting around when they head off to sleep.The benefit, aside from saving money on food … hungry cats make better hunters!Sojourner


  2. Very true (about the hunting). Thanks for your suggestion Sojourner. One of my Shan friends has suggested something similar, at least as far as not feeding them as much – especially at night – so they’ll be better hunters. 🙂


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