The first time I tried jackfruit, I was so overwhelmed by its bubble gum flavour that I never really wanted to eat it again. Years later, that bubble gum flavour wasn’t so strong or was even non-existent and I discovered that jackfruit’s not actually so bad. It actually doesn’t even really taste like bubble gum… unless that’s all you think about when you eat it. So don’t do that.

It’s probably one of the largest types of fruit I’ve seen. Jackfruit is often mistaken for durian by those not really familiar with either fruit but they really do look and taste quite different.

Before you cut open a jackfruit, you’ll want to place some newspaper or a plastic bag over the table because there’s sap inside part of the jackfruit that is super sticky. It will take a lot of scrubbing (and knowing some good cleaning tips) to get that table (not to mention your hands!) free from that stickiness.

A lot of what you see in the jackfruit here is not actually eaten. What you do end up eating is the flesh that surrounds the large seeds that are scattered throughout the jackfruit. The rest of the flesh, although it can be eaten, is quite tough and not as nice to eat – so my Thai-yai friends tell me.

Jackfruit can be eaten, like you see here… as a fruit. But the Thai-yai people also like to use unripe jackfruit into some of their curries and eat it that way. Yum! However you choose to eat it, it’s worth a try!

4 thoughts on “jackfruit

  1. You can also eat the seeds after you boil them. My co-workers at UHDP love them like that. A friend showed me to dip a knife in warm water every time to you cut a section to prevent too much of the latex from staying on the blade. You can also use oil to remove the sap afterwards. This was all “useless” knowledge until I came to Thailand 🙂


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