pictures from visit up to Tomato village (from the other day)

This is a tomato tree.

I had never seen a ‘tomato tree’ before Tuesday, when I went up to Tomato village and my friend pointed it out to me. I guess this is where Tomato village got its name. They used to grow abundantly here. My friend told me, “Like Napajat – there used to be a lot of ‘pa jat’ (a type of fish).” Makes sense.

Tomatoes, from tomato trees look a bit different than your normal tomato. Apparently they have a slightly different taste. Thai-yai people like to use this type of tomato to make ‘naam phit’, a spicy side dish.

Aside from visiting our friends who sell noodles and fried things, we went to houses in the village and told people about Jesus. It was good fun. Some responses from people looked a bit like the toddler in the above photograph – not quite wanting to receive us or our message…

We visited one house where there was a little girl who was sick. Before we left we prayed for her and after we finished praying the faces of those sitting there at that house had totally changed. As my friend put it, “they were able to smile after we prayed.” Please pray for healing for that sick child. We prayed then that the Lord would use her healing to bring their entire family and community to faith in the Healer and Redeemer of the world.

Some people were like this little girl – happy to visit with us, listen and eager to know more.

“Have you ever heard about Jesus,” we’d ask. “No. Who’s Jesus?,” they’d often respond. It’s an awesome thing to be able to tell someone about Jesus for the very first time.

These were 2 of the 3 pigs that I posted a pic of the other day. This is when they were running away from me up the road. Notice my truck in the far distance, sitting atop the hill.

This is what the back of my truck looked like on the way home, down the mountain. Random plants, vegetables and fruit. And tofu in one of the bags. And you see the white sacks, at the top of the photo and on the left-hand side? Inside those are the pigs. Not the same ones as in the picture from the other day, or the ones I chased up the hill with my camera. But my friends bought some pigs in “Na ba peck’ (a village close to Tomato village) to take back to Napajat. Two of the pigs will be raised so they can be eaten at Christmas celebrations in several months time. I guess that’s how Thai-yai people start plannig for Christmas. 🙂

2 thoughts on “pictures from visit up to Tomato village (from the other day)

  1. Beth,I love staying in touch with the north country of Thailand through your sharing. I even have a friend regulary praying with me now for your work.helenH


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