preparation, communication and potential

So the big meeting/consultation is a little over a week away from now. Recently I’ve found myself caught in a place where I’m not sure what I need to do next and I have this sense of urgency to do something but sometimes finding for that moment that I don’t HAVE to do anything. There’s nothing left to do in that moment. I can study language or do other things I feel I’ve been neglecting. That isn’t to say that everything is done for the consultation, but it is all coming together (PTL!) and people have really been helping out. Thank you Jesus!

Preparing for this consultation is a culture lesson in itself. I’ll admit that it’s often unpleasant – complete with tears and tearing out my hair… okay, maybe not the tearing out my hair bit but for sure the tears – but the lessons learned I’m sure will benefit me in the future as I continue to work among the Thai-yai.

Communication is difficult enough when you speak the same language and are from the same culture. As Mr. Laidlaw (my high school music teacher) used to say, “What’s the most important thing in the world?…. Communication!” He’s still right, although I would disagree that it’s THE most important thing… But throw in another language and another culture and you have a recipe for potential disaster or at least much frustration. Things said often cannot be taken at face value. It’s like you have to have a secret decoder to be able to figure out what they’re really saying. Sigh.

Like I said – it’s a good learning lesson and really, deep down, somewhere inside of me, I am appreciative to be able to be learning these things. Really!

Combine another language and another culture together with your own (and many, many others) and you have a recipe for much potential for God to be glorified! Right?! That is the picture in Revelation is it not??

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