and a phone for the village…

Did you know that it’s actually quite common for one person in Thailand to own more than one mobile phone and use them both (or all) regularly? I thought it was soooo strange when I first heard about this, back when I first started off in Lopburi. But actually most of the teachers at my language school had more than one phone. One for receiving calls, one for calling out and another one with a super deal to call for free during certain hours or something.

See, the thing is that mobile phones are much more user-friendly here than in Canada at least. You don’t have to commit to a three year plan or anything like that (not like I really know ’cause I never owned a cell phone in Canada – too expensive). All you do is go buy your phone (new or second-hand), decide on what service to go with (ie. AIS or dtac), buy the proper SIM card for that company/service and voila. You’re done. Buy a phone card at 7-11, add money and time to your number and you’re good to go.

I never thought I’d be one of those people with more than one mobile phone. But here’s my problem. That mobile phone tower that they built in my village IS for dtac. I don’t really want to bother switching my number from AIS to dtac. But for the sake of having a clear line while I’m in the village, I bought a dtac SIM card. And borrowed an extra phone from my friend until I can get a cheapo, second-hand phone in CM the next time I’m there. So I now I have two mobile phones. I’m now one of those people. Which I guess makes me kind of normal since so many people have multiple phones. Anyhow, if you need my new village number e-mail me.

3 thoughts on “and a phone for the village…

  1. I didn’t even know such phones existed! Do they really?! I guess that’s what I should’ve bought when I got my new phone in June. Oh well. I may switch over to dtac. I think it’s cheaper.


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