driving through rainbows

I drove to Chiang Mai yesterday and saw no rain until I was about 2/3 of the way there. All of a sudden there was a HUGE rainbow and one of its ends looked like it was just around the corner, in the direction I was heading. I drove down the hill, made the turn in the road and I drove through the end of the rainbow. Then maybe 50 feet later I drove through another end in another rainbow. Two in a row.

I don’t know if this is really possible – to drive through the end of the rainbow. But I did. Twice. In one minute. So there. And there were no pots of gold. Nor were there any leprechauns. But it was a fun experience. And an encouraging one as well, as the Lord spoke to me a few months ago about something when I saw a rainbow, which I may tell you about someday. Or not. But driving through the rainbows yesterday reminded me of what He had said to me. So it was kind of an amazing moment yesterday.

3 thoughts on “driving through rainbows

  1. Isn’t that an amazing experience? I never drove through two rainbows, but I did drive through one rainbow and it was just beautiful.The Lord our God is definitely with you Beth. And He gives us those amazing moments to remind us how glorious He is.Love, Renee


  2. I have been reading Genesis bit by bit to my form class and this morning I read to them from chapter 9 where God establishes a covenant with Noah and confirms it by a rainbow. Rainbows always make me smile because they remind me that God is a covenant-making God and that His last and best covenant was a covenant of grace. I have to confess I still don’t get covenant theology but I get that much!


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