dying in the process

I keep thinking about how God not only CAN do the impossible but delights in doing so

but usually it requires some sort of death or pain for the person wanting this impossible thing to happen

like Lazarus coming back from the dead

or Peter walking on water

but I’m still working out if it’s in EVERY case that there’s that “dying”

or if it’s simply a faith thing and a surrendering of one’s self to God – which can sometimes seem like dying I guess

but even then there’s no guarantee

Abraham had no guarantee that God would save Isaac – but yet Abraham trusted God and knew Him to be faithful

he knew that God could raise Isaac back from the dead (Heb. 11:19)

Mary and Martha had to go through the grief and pain of losing their brother

Lazarus actually had to die

Peter possibly could’ve been stepping out to his death by stepping out over the edge of the boat…

it’s not that God delights to give us pain and make us go through that “dying”, whether literally or figuratively

but just that the outcome is so amazing

and I guess He’s teaching us in that process of “dying”

waiting for Him to do the “impossible” thing

and ultimately He’s glorified

and we’re matured

[See afterthought to this post…]

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