Christmas albums growing up

Well I’m happy that two of you responded to my question about what your favourite Christmas albums were. Thank you We Are a Family of Six and Une Amie! To prompt the rest of you (not that I have many regular readers but let’s pretend there are lots) to answer, I’ll share with you some of the artists whose voices have added to the Christmasy feeling over the years.

Growing up, Christmas at my house would not have been complete without first of all Nana Mouskouri. Her name used to really confuse me when I was young – mostly because my cousins called their Grandma that I wasn’t related to (on their Dad’s side of the family) “Nana.” So who was this Nana Mouskouri, I wondered to my young self. I couldn’t figure it out but her record was one of the ones played over and over again at my house. I always think of “Go Tell It On The Mountain” whenever I think of Nana.

Second to Nana was Anne – Anne Murray that is. Her renditions of all the Christmas classics are permanently stuck in my head. “City sidewalks, busy sidewalks…” Good old Anne.

The third artist I’ll share with you today is one that came into my household when my sister and I were teenagers I think: The Mistletones. [Their “Mistletones Accapella Christmas” album is classic!] [Their website is pretty desperate though. They could use some help I think.] They were an accapella group who you couldn’t help but to sing along with. Nowadays I can only manage to play their cd through once – just to say I did it – each Christmas season. Again, their blended voices are forever ingrained in my mind. “Be-hold, be-hold, be-holed, be-hooold. Behold that staar, behold that staaaaar, behold that staaar. It is the star of Bethlehem…”

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