do not be anxious…

” ‘I will go before you and will level the mountains. This message,’ wrote Hudson Taylor, ‘is a word of cheer from the Master himself; it has been a feast to my soul and a pillow for my head. It is just as fresh and prized today as it has been in the months that are passed – amongst difficulties that have each seemed to turn to be almost insurmountable.

” ‘Satan would have us try today to bear tomorrow’s burdens with only today’s grace and would dismay us with anticipation of troubles which loom in the distance, leading us to disobey the directions: “Do no worry about tomorrow”, “Do not be anxious about anything”; but what a privilege it is to be permitted to rest upon the assurance: “I will go before you; you will not be without a guide”, “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness.” “I will level the mountains, and when you come to them you will find insurmountable difficulty already removed, that your enemies, like Jehoshaphat’s, have slain themselves , that you have to strip off the spoils”, and “O make the valley one, not of conflict, but of praise – a Berachah.”

” ‘Again and again it has been so in China, and doubtless many at home can bear the same testimony. A difficulty in the family which they were powerless to cope with, a perplexity in the profession or business, a spiritual difficulty, or one connected with service for the Lord, has threatened to disturb the peace and to fill with dismay, but it has been rolled upon the Lord, and given over to him to manage or arrange; the command has been obeyed: “In everything, by prayer and petition, thanksgiving, present your requests to God,” and the peace promised peace of God garrisoning the heart has kept the care and worry outside until the time came to find the trouble bereft of its sting, the mountains levelled. Perhaps there are few who can look back without seeing that such cares as have been borned ought to have been dealt with and dismissed.’ “

-words from Hudson Taylor, in “Radical Discipleship”, by Roger Steer, p. 84-85

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