Some of you know how I've been away on a trip for the last week or so
– still a few days to go before our expected return date on Sat. Dec.
6th. You may also be aware of the protesters in Bangkok who took over
the two airports, preventing any planes from departing or arriving for
8 days. I've heard that there are 350, 000 tourists trying to get out
of Thailand. I've only been able to get brief reports from watching
BBC or some other random channel.

Yesterday there were several changes made in the government, leading
to the protesters agreeing to leave the airports. I think the first
plane landed today at Suvarnabhumi Airport in over a week. Things
seem to be progressing and from what I saw today on the news that
airport is hoping to be running at a full schedule again by Friday.

I don't know if this is true or not but I hope it is! Our original
flight is scheduled for this Saturday, Dec. 6th. I would LOVE to be
able to fly back into Thailand on that day and arrive back in Chiang
Mai by that afternoon. Please be thinking along with me that our
Father will do this. Thank you!

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