cold and getting colder

You know it’s cold and getting colder when…

…you start wishing your car had a heater and a defroster/defogger for the windshield

…you’re in a restaurant and order hot water

…your cats cuddle together more

…you think it’s too cold to take a shower at night or early in the morning

…you can see your breath

…you can’t imagine a morning without a scarf

…you pile more and more blankets on your bed

…the shower’s hot water dial goes past ‘4’ and sometimes is turned to ‘7’

…you want to wear socks

…you put on a ridiculous number of layers in the morning

…the very thought of drinking water from the fridge or ice water makes you cringe

…you use your hair dryer to get warm in the morning… and dry your hair

…you crave eggnog and apple cider and other warm, yummy drinks

…you sit in the sun

…only use the fans in your house to dry laundry

…the clouds don’t lift until 9 or 10am every day

…you wear long johns during the Christmas outreaches you go to/help with

…you are in the mood to knit – A LOT

…you put your hands over the toaster as you wait for your toast to pop up

4 thoughts on “cold and getting colder

  1. I have a cat on my lap as I type Crystal! 🙂Helen – It gets pretty cold up north. I guess it’s all relative. It’s cold for here. At night in my village it’s been going down to about 14 degrees Celsius but next month it’ll be down to 8 degrees. Higher up in the mountains it gets close to zero I imagine although I think Doi Inthanon is the only place that might get frost. But it still warms up during the day – up past 30 I think. Not sure. 🙂


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