Christmas celebration at town church

Yesterday and today I’ve felt… under the weather. But having missed one outreach last night in Huay Nam Mae Sa Guet, I decided I should go to tonight’s outreach – even if just for a little bit. I decided to treat myself to “jok” (a boiled rice dish; I have been having the craziest cravings for it for the last month or so, but especially when I’m not feeling well) and a latte (“to keep myself alert for driving,” or so I told myself) at my second home (Baan Tua Lek).

So I arrived at the town church (it actually has a real name but that’s what I call it, even though there are other churches in town – but they’re all Thai and I don’t know where they are. I only ever go to church in NPJT or in Huay Pha or some other Thai-yai church. I like going to Thai churches to, please don’t misunderstand me, I just only ever go to Thai-yai churches while I’m in MHS) just as the evening program was beginning. Then they proceeded to force everyone to play games.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I don’t like games but it depends on the game. And these games had penalties… ie. if you were the one “out” or “caught” or “whatever” you had to suffer for it. This evening the chosen punishment was in the form of parading around the room waddling like a duck.

I actually should’ve been one of the ones parading around like a duck because I wasn’t listening during the game of “Moses Says” but I was a party-pooper and didn’t go up. I would blame it on being 30 and I’m “too old” to waddle around like a duck, but an old auntie happily waddled around the room like a duck, paying the penalty for being a loser in one of the games. Go auntie! My friend’s 13 year old son, Bam, also had to waddle around. I felt for him. He’s kind of shy in large crowds – doesn’t like being the centre of attention. I can relate.

Have a look at Bam and auntie waddling around the room…

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