which way?

Last night we went to help the church in Huay Nam MSG (not it’s full name obviously – and no, we don’t call it the MSG church… but I will in my blog) to do a Christmas outreach in a Thai-yai village outside of town. We (my teammates and folk from NPJT) thought that it was in a village just outside of town. We were wrong.

Moey, a teenager from MSG, sat in the passenger seat in my truck and gave us directions to get to the outreach location.

“It’s not far, right?,”I asked him.

“Uh, yah it’s far,” he answered.

“Really?! You’re kidding right?”

“Um no. It’s far.”

And so off we drove. Into the sunset. Literally. We drove west.

Pretty soon the good road turned into dirt road and eventually we came to a spot that still hadn’t dried out from rainy season (which, I might say, ended last month!). But we got through! Praise God! And PT who was following me in her truck, got through as well.

The following video is courtesy of Lori. Unfortunately we didn’t get a video of the particularly bad spot (all of us were praying furiously!) so this smaller puddle spot will have to do. Enjoy!

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