lastest news – workshops, visits, plane trips and visas, etc.

I’ve been in Chiang Mai for a 2 week workshop (Pre-Home Assignment Workshop), which just finished up on this past Friday. It was a very helpful workshop but LOTS of work and I’m tired! But I’m really thankful that I went to it.

My Uncle Don arrived yesterday morning (Saturday) and is visiting for a couple of days. It’s been fun talking with him, hearing news from home as well as about his adventures in traveling with my Aunt throughout several countries in Asia. Today we went up to the Queen’s garden, up on Doi Sutep. It was beautiful but we didn’t have too much time there before the park closed. Two of my friends came with us as well.

My new Canadian passport arrived in the mail while I’ve been in Chiang Mai and tomorrow I have to go to Bangkok to get my visa for Thailand transfered into my new passport. I wasn’t anticipating this trip and had hoped to be able to transfer the visa in Chiang Mai but apparently I can’t. So… I’ll go down tomorrow afternoon and then fly back to Chiang Mai Tuesday night. The one great thing about this unexpected trip is being able to meet up with my good friend Elina in Bangkok. She used to live in Mae Hong Son but has been working in Bangkok for about 8 months or so. She’s due to go back to Finland soon and I didn’t think I’d get to see her again before she leaves but now I will! Yay God!

This week will be busy with other meetings scheduled for when I get back to Chiang Mai, in addition to some other responsibilities. But on Friday, I’ll meet up with my good friend Rebecca (who is also a missionary in Asia). I haven’t seen her since the fall before I came to Thailand! So we’ll spend some time together in Chiang Mai and then she’ll come back with me to Mae Hong Son on the weekend.

Coming up later this month… another trip to a nearby country! I’m excited but realise that this trip will really put my language capabilities to the test. I’ll be doing a fair bit of teaching – which I’m very excited about – and traveling with my good friend who is Thai-yai – which I’m really happy about – but I anticipate it to be a stretching trip… but I think stretching in a good way. More important than being stretched is seeing it as an opportunity to see God glorified. I know that I, on my own, won’t be able to do all that teaching but I know that His Holy Spirit will be my guide and source of strength and energy. Please pray that I will keep my eyes on Him throughout the pre-trip preparation time, as well as while I’m away on the trip.

Anyhow, that’s the news with me for now. Maybe some more pictures from today’s trip to the Queen’s gardens on Doi Sutep will follow this post soon.

[FYI – It was actually very hot today and so I didn’t really need to wear the scarf for heat reasons. But like when you go to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you must be properly attired when you go to the Queen’s gardens (to show respect) and my sleeveless shirt was not appropriate… hence the shawl/scarf. 🙂 ]

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