exalting Him above all

“In our desire after God let us keep always in mind that God also has desire, and His desire is toward the sons of men, and more particularly toward those sons of men who will make the once-for-all decision to exalt Him over all. Such as these are precious to God above all treasures of earth or sea. In them God finds a theater where He can display His exceeding kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. With them God can walk unhindered; toward them He can act like the God He is.”
-p. 100-101, “The Pursuit of God”, by A.W. Tozer

Can I just say again how much I am enjoying this book by Tozer? Honestly – I could type out every page for you here on my blog, it’s that good. If you can get your hands on a copy, I’d recommend it.

These days in the Word of God I’m stuck in Titus 2 – particularly verses 11-14 – as well as in Nehemiah. I’ve been thinking a lot about how God leads and what He plants in our hearts and how He uses those things to lead us. Anyhow… that’s a very brief summary of some of my thoughts these days… Will possibly expand these thoughts further in days to come…

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