smokin’ and hot

Each day sort of blurs into the next one these days. It’s hot and smoky and sometimes all I can think about is how hot and smoky it is. And I complain. Hot and smoky weather does not bring out the best in me I have to say. I’m reminded to rejoice in ALL circumstances – even the hot and smoky ones. But it’s hard.

I don’t know how people back in the day did it. I mean, I don’t have any air-con in my house but there’s one coffee shop in town that I can retreat to (and to which I have retreated quite frequently the last few weeks). Once the coolness of the mornings disappears like the mountains on a smoky day, there’s no relief from the heat – even with the fans. I know that many people live in very hot places. I just don’t thrive in hot weather. I come alive in cooler weather.

Sometimes when I’m venting I ask myself, ‘why oh why did God call me to a people group who live in a region with a very hot “hot season?”‘ But my question doesn’t really require an answer. * The point is that He often calls us to difficult situations, people, living conditions, etc. and intends to use these circumstances to refine us – like refining a precious metal.

I still have much to work on… as this fire goes on.

*[Please note: I really am happy to be where God has called me. Sometimes I just need to vent.]

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