masks, smoke and popping trees

I slept with a mask last night. The smoke was particularly bad since one of the hills beside the village was on fire.

As I was going to sleep I opened my eyes and thought that there was a weird glow from outside. There was. Looking out across my backyard and the large field beyond that, I saw the hill on fire. I was worried for the houses near there and prayed that if it was out of control and if people were in danger that those who should be made aware would wake up or something. But I had a feeling that it was “normal” burning and nothing to worry about. Judging from things this morning it was totally normal.

As I was drifting off to sleep last night I could hear the “popping” of banana trees on fire. Did you know banana trees make popping noises when they’re on fire? Yeah. It can be really loud too.

Anyhow. Last night I slept with a mask that my friends Vincent and his wife Judy (from Singapore but will be living in Isaan (NE region of Thailand)) gave me. I randomly saw them in Chiang Mai at the beginning of March and they had some extra masks with them. Thanks Vincent and Judy!!

Thai people can be seen wearing masks like these while on their motorbikes, etc. because of the pollution in the city (like Bangkok or Chiang Mai). Up here in MHS, it’s more because of the smoke this season that people might be wearing them. I don’t really know how much the masks help. Maybe a gas mask would be better… Oh well. I’m thinking about putting the mask back on while I’m at my house today.

I miss fresh air. In a couple of weeks it should start raining more. Or at least by May… Once the rains come then the smoke will go away.

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