can it get any hotter?

I know this sounds drastic but at the end of each day I’m amazed that I survived. The heat is intense. I don’t know how I did it other years. And, I recently realised, that next year, after my 9 months in Canada, I’ll be arriving JUST in time for hot season. What was I thinking?

Can I just say (again) how thankful I am for Baan Tua Lek (the coffee shop in town that has air-con) – especially with preaching in NPJT coming up for this Sunday…

I know I’m being a tad melodramatic. It IS hot. It’s the kind of hot that makes me think of CSI episodes when the body they find in an apartment has been mummified because of the extreme heat. It makes me think of either that or of headlines of elderly people dying because of the heat in their house. Yes. Melodramatic. But it IS hot.

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