why I’m thankful for Dr. Jacky

Dr. Jacky is the vet that I took David to a few weeks ago when he had that horrible open wound. I wrote last week about my attempts to find a home (or homes) for my cats – David and Bowie – while I’m back in Canada for 9 months. Well, today I went to visit David one last time before leaving MHS tomorrow at Dr. Jacky’s clinic. PT came with me and suggested I ask Dr. Jacky if he knew anyone in MHS who would look after pets. I explained how I was going back to Canada – leaving tomorrow for Chiang Mai and then returning at the end of March next year. Lo and behold and HALLELUYAH! Dr. Jacky suggested that he could take David. I tried to ask some questions to figure out if he felt pushed into doing this or if it would be too incovenient but he seemed totally okay with it! Amazing!

I had been hoping that Dr. Jacky would want to take David – would see David’s good side and want to look after him! I had said it sort of in passing to a few of my friends. I can’t even be sure if I actually prayed that this would happen but obviously God knew what was going to happen.

Dr. Jacky assured me that it would be okay – that he’d take David back to his house with him and send me photos of David from time to time over e-mail! He said several times that David was a “good man.” So that’s why I’m thankful for Dr. Jacky this last evening in MHS.

Please pray with me that the Lord would provide as good a home for Bowie! Thank you!

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