Yesterday, I went out for an early breakfast at The Chuckwagon with my friends Allan and Jan. A trip to Turner Valley’s post office soon followed and then back to my friends’ house to pack. And then repack. And then repack again – trying to divide up the weight amongst all my various bags so I wouldn’t have to pay any overweight charges.

In the afternoon, Dan and JoAnna and I went out for one last coffee at Starbucks and then they dropped me off at the airport. I was confused with where I was supposed to go. It’s hard to play the whole “I don’t know what I’m doing” thing when I am a Canadian and I feel like I’m supposed to know what I’m doing.

Where have you been living the last few years? In a village in the middle of nowhere?“, I imagine them asking.

Of course, nobody asks that and no one really cares I’m sure. But I was thankful when the Air Canada woman came to help me at the “self check-in” machine. It seemed that whatever information I had wasn’t going to work with the machine so she directed me to the very short line for Air Canada’s assistance check-in counter. The woman at that counter was super helpful and said she’d let my big bag go without any sort of penalty (since it was a pound overweight). We even ended up talking about Thailand and what I was doing there.

I miss Thailand. Sigh.

Since I ended up checking in so quickly, I had time for a quick sandwich before going through security – which was an interesting experience. Canada’s security seems almost…. overboard. Although I’ve been told it’s worse in the States and maybe it really is necessary. I just didn’t understand when the security guy kindly told me that I “had the right idea” as he pointed to the ziplock bag with the liquids I was carrying, but that “the bag was too big.” Sigh. So complicated! But there wasn’t too long of a wait and in no time I was through, and another man had done a random test with my laptop.

While I was in line, waiting to go through security, a couple had come running up and the woman, who was out of breath, said to the security guy, “Excuse me sir. I’m afraid we’re going to miss our connection.” “What time is your flight at?,” he asked. “At 5:55pm” (which was about an hour away). He made them go to the back of the line but later on, after I was through security, I saw her running down the hallway, her husband more casually running behind her. There was no need to run. Seriously. Maybe about 10 minutes after I had seen them running, I saw them again at their gate. Waiting.

My flight was late boarding, late taking off but we arrived early in London – only by about 10 minutes but still early. Friends met me at the airport, took me and my stuff back to my Mom’s house and then took me out to get food – even though it was late at night. Or early in the morning. Or both.

And now I’m typing away and can’t remember why I had decided to write about time tonight. Except for the fact that it’s late here but not so late in Alberta (well, still past midnight) and not late at all in Thailand since it’s the middle of the day there. And to be honest, that’s where I want to be right now – in Thailand. Although I am happy to be here too… I’m just confused.

I guess I was just thinking about timing and time and somehow my thoughts had drifted to my need to trust God for timing – for timing in my life and things in my life and people in my life.

And on that note, I should probably go to bed because I think it’s about that time…

One thought on “time

  1. Oh beth, so many things going on in your life, it's no wonder you are a little confused. I hope you feel better after a good night's sleep. Keep Thailand in your heart, but remember to live out each moment right where you are. You'll be in Thailand again soon. Love you. Renee.


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