observations about Canada

  1. I forgot how different roadkill is in Canada compared to Thailand. Large raccoons and skunks certainly don’t exist in Thailand.
  2. I’ve been puzzled for the lack of workers in various stores. I’m still not sure if it’s a reflection of the state of the current economy or if it’s just that employees blend in more (ie. Thailand has more uniforms for staff at various stores) or if Thailand just has more employees in their stores. ???
  3. It seems like no one is out and about… I went for a walk today and barely saw a soul. Where is everyone?
  4. Starbucks is still Starbucks. Yum, yum, yum.
  5. I had forgotten about dandelions.
  6. Some of Canada’s advancements in technology amazes (or intimidates) me. But in many, many ways, Thailand’s technology is much further ahead than Canada’s. SIM cards for example. Argh…
  7. Apparently everything is hazardous to your health in Canada and everyone is out to scam you. Okay – not everything and not everyone but I had no idea about how broad these issues have reached. I seriously feel like I need an instruction book for life back in Canada.
  8. Canadians are very nice to pedestrians – even stopping when the pedestrian hasn’t even stepped out on the road yet!
  9. Gas is expensive!
  10. Canada’s cold. It’s all relative, I know. But it’s supposed to be summer, right?! For some reason it seems to be an unusually cold summer. I think I’ve sweated (or is that just “sweat”? I’ve forgotten English apparently) twice since I’ve arrived back in Canada, nearly 2 weeks ago. Amazing. I miss Thailand heaps and heaps but I am enjoying the lack of sweat.

One thought on “observations about Canada

  1. In reference to number 2. I think Thailand does have WAY more workers in each store. I remember being amazed at that when I first got to Thailand. I remember thinking that a lot of them were just standing around talking to each other…


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