Ontario scenes…

I’ve been in Toronto since Sunday evening. The organisation I work with has had a week-long seminar for people like me who have recently returned to Canada from various places in Asia. It’s helpful to hear about and discuss what’s “normal” with re-entry. So it’s all very normal for me to miss Thailand and my friends there – although I already knew that.

As a part of the seminar this week, some “very Canadian outings” were organised for us. Monday afternoon we went to Black Creek Pioneer Village. Tuesday afternoon we went north out of the city to Kleinburg, Ontario to see the McMichael Collection. For Tuesday’s dinner we went out to Swiss Chalet – yum, yum, yum… for that type of food at least. Not spicy but very Swiss Chalet-ey. Good in its own way I guess.

Anyhow, here are some pictures from the last few days…

3 thoughts on “Ontario scenes…

  1. Oh my, you make me miss the North. Ontario is beautiful and the flowers make me homesick for the north…I love Quenn Anne's Lace! And we dont have that here in Florida.

    Enjoy your re-entry and R&R time.

    God bless you,
    helen henry


  2. Hey Beth,
    Just wanted to say that I, too, have been taking lots of picks of beautiful flowers and drinking in the beauty of North America. I know that you lived in a beautiful part of Thailand but from our perspective (living in the urban jungle) we've been struck by how beautiful everything is here!
    Thanks for your posting…have a great HMA…if you're ever down this far south, give us a call!
    love to you


  3. Helen and Crystal – glad you enjoyed the pics of the wildflowers! I'd love to see you all – just not sure how to work that out but I'll pray that if there's a way that God would sort out timing, etc. 🙂

    Miss you Crystal!


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