free folk music for Americans

Ack. I would love to download this free album from iTunes (as seen on NPR (National Public Radio’s website) but alas… I am not American, nor do I have an American iTunes account. If you are American and like folk music, then might I suggest that you click on the above link and enjoy some free music. You can download this album for free until September 30th, 2009. This album includes a song from The Avett Brothers, whose music has become the soundtrack to my life. I love it. So please download it for at least that one song. Iron & Wine is pretty good too. But I don’t recall a banjo… [There is a banjo in some songs! My apologies!] and it’s all about the banjo with The Avett Brothers. And their voices. And their lyrics. Anyhow. Download away you American friends o’ mine. And random strangers who periodically read or stumble across my blog.

BTW – for my Canadian friends (and friends worldwide really) who are interested, you can download a new song (“I and Love and You”) from The Avett Brothers here.

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