no need to evacuate…

I have been achy and flu-y all day today but I was thankful to not be in my village in Thailand. The reason? During the day, the upstairs of my house in the village got unbearably hot – too hot to lie in bed, even if I was sick. So… it was nice to be able to sleep throughout today and not have to evacuate from the upstairs of the townhouse I live in here because of the heat. 🙂

But I still miss Thailand!

5 thoughts on “no need to evacuate…

  1. Thailand sure gets into your blood…must be that the Lord put it there.

    I have only stayed there for a few weeks at a time and yet I always seem to be thinking of the ways “the Thais do it” or the way “it would taste” in Thailand, etc.



  2. Beth
    praying you get better soon. stinks to be sick…we were sick a couple weeks back (first time since we've been back!). Also, thanks for sharing the requests for B. We are praying and last night we had a prayer meeting specifically for asia…so please keep us updated…


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