Peyton and Parker

I just thought I’d share this photo with you. These beautiful boys are Peyton and Parker – my cousin Shaun and her husband Kelly’s twins. They were born in February – several months early – and survived incredible odds. I think people around the world were praying for these little guys! Praise God for His healing power!

Their Mom writes:

“The boys are doing fantastic, we just had our appointment at the infant development clinic and they are right on track for 3.4 mos [i.e. from when their due date was, not from their actual birthdate, I think… I could be wrong here]. We have been super busy going to lots of groups and finally getting outside and seeing the sun.  Peyton is rolling over now and Parker is grasping and putting things in his hands. The boys are babbling away and Daddy is waiting to hear DaDa. Parker’s weight as of last week was 14.2lbs and Peyton’s was 13.14lbs.”

Thanks so much for praying!

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