extracurricular activities and new hobbies???

One suggestion that more seasoned missionaries have given me about my time back in Canada is to do some things I like (or would like) to do but can’t normally do or just haven’t been doing in Thailand.  Before my entire time flies by I realise I need to be proactive and actually start doing some of those things.

One thought I’ve had is to take some music lessons – something I was always involved in while I was growing up.  I’ve been asking myself, “should I learn a new instrument or start working on one I already know how to play?”  I’ve thought about maybe taking music lessons when I return to Thailand and live in Chiang Mai.  Hmm….

Another thing I’ve thought of is to do something creative – take up watercolour painting or sketching or do some sewing or quilting.  Maybe take a photography course?  Hmm….  I’d like to be able to do something that doesn’t need a lot of materials and is inexpensive to do.  And something that I could very easily continue back in Thailand.

Well, I’ll let you know what happens.

What extracurricular activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

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