Run for the Toad

Yesterday was race day.  My sister and I ran (and walked – although I know Rachel could’ve run the whole thing!) the Run for the Toad.  It was a fun day!  The weather was cold and mostly overcast but not rainy so it was great for running!  Here are some photos from the day!
Pre-race pic of Rachel and I

Free coffee! and Timbits

People heading towards the starting line…

Run for the Toad is a 25km trail run at Pinehurst Conservation Park, just outside of Paris, Ontario.
A beautiful place to go running (and walking! or a combo of both!).

This race has many unique things about it – for one, on the second loop of the 12.5km, the water/aid stations not only have water and Gatorade but cut up bananas, cookies, chips, real fruit gummies and M&Ms! 

The hills for most of the run weren’t too bad and on the first loop I felt good about the hills and had lots of energy to overcome them. But towards the end of the first loop, I overheard two women running in front of me talk about the “hill of doom.” I asked Rachel was that was and she said that she hadn’t thought that it would’ve helped to tell me ahead of time. We walked up that hill! as did most other people!!! Super steep!


At the top of the “hill of doom” there were a couple of race volunteers cheering and encouraging people to get to the top! and a skeleton sitting in a lounge chair and a sign that said, “No whining!”


Another unique thing about this race is the gourmet lunch that follows the race. Here Rachel and I are, changed out of our race clothes, with our finishing medals around our necks, waiting in line for a yummy lunch!

I am sore but glad to have finished the Run for the Toad! It was great to run/walk it with Rachel too! But I think I need to find some shorter races in the area!

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