the necessity of making time… to be alone with God

“A response to giving attention to personal soul care often is “I don’t have time for extensive solitude and silence.  I have too much to do.”  The truth is that we don’t have time not to practice solitude and silence.  No time is more profitably spent than that used to heighten the quality of an intimate walk with God.  If we think otherwise, we have been badly educated.  The real question is, will we take time to do what is necessary for an abundant life and an abundant ministry, or will we try to get by without it?

“So a couple of words of counsel are appropriate for our attending to the inner life.  First, God never gives anyone too much to do.  We do that to ourselves or allow others to do it to us.  We may be showing our lack of confidence in God’s power and goodness, though possibly our models and our education have failed us.  Second, the exercise of God’s power in ministry never, by itself,  amends character, and it rarely makes up for our own foolishness.  God’s power can be actively and wisely sought and received by us only as we seek to grow by grace into Christ-likeness.  Power with Christ-like character is God’s unbeatable combination of triumphant life in the Kingdom of God on earth and forever.  Power without Christ’s character gives us our modern-day Sampsons and Sauls.”

-from “The Great Omission” by Dallas Willard, p. 131

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