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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (at least the last several months), you may recall that I was doing some creative things while I’m back in Canada on Home Assignment.  One of the creative things I’ve been doing is making a quilt (which is now finished!  I need to take some pics of the finished quilt and post them).  The other creative thing I’ve been doing is taking music lessons – voice lessons.

When I was growing up – from about 13-21 years of age – I took voice lessons.  I was considering taking up something new but decided that it might be easier to get back into something I’d studied for a while.  I’ve loved the challenge of it all – trying to remember how to read music, the terminology, the technique… It’s been good to use my brain in a different way.

The first number of songs that my music teacher gave me were classical pieces, which I LOVE.  Then I mentioned that it might be fun to do some broadway again and asked if she could suggest some recent broadway music.  A new book was ordered and finally arrived.  My teacher suggested I go through the songs on YouTube, listen to versions of the songs and read the synopsis of the play that each song was from and the context in which it was sung (the synopses and contexts were included in a little blurb in the book – very helpful!).  Well, I was shocked!  Many of the Broadway plays dealt with very strange and dark topics.  Synopsis after synopsis I read and eliminated song after song (I mean, who wants to sing a song in which the character is talking about how she was abused as a child?).  Some songs were just plain boring.  And others were put in the “possibilities” category.

One of the songs in the possibilities category has a beautiful melody but I’m stuck on the words.  The song is from the play “Children of Eden” and the song has the same title as the play.  The context is that Eve is close to death and is singing to her children (and descendants to come I guess) about how her sin will affect them.  Some of the phrases in the songs are just not Biblical in my opinion (talking about how sometimes “prayer doesn’t work” or and how she was “just human” – prone to sin.  She asks that they not blame her.

Come on Eve! – it was your decision, your sin (well Adam did join in too) that led to the Fall (Gen. 3:6-7)!

So I feel conflicted – I like the song, but not the words…  😦

4 thoughts on “stuck on words

  1. Hi beth,
    I'd say don't sing it. You want what you sing to glorify God and His character. If what “eve” is saying in the song just doesn't sit well with your heart and with the Bible, then don't sing it. Are there other songs in your possibilities?

    Love to you,


  2. There are some other songs. There have been other songs she suggested that I asked to not sing for similar reasons. I wonder if I could change the words… Or just not sing it. The other Broadway song I'm working on right now is cute – it's from “The Little Princess” and is called “Live Out Loud.”


  3. I should mention that “Live Out Loud” is probably meant for a young girl to sing! Hahaha! At least it's safer then! There's something really to be said for some of the old Broadway classics! Why can't they make shows like they used to?


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