the house

So here it is: the house that I’ll be renting for the next year.  I could stay there longer I suppose but I’ll just have to see how I like living in it or if I find something a little closer to town.  But it’s cute, has a garden (necessary for David and Bowie – the cats, in case you forgot), 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen.  A fresh market, ‘farang’ supermarket and a Wawee Coffee are all within walking distance.  And the house across the street is owned by a Thai singer (who came in second in a television singing contest, similar to Canadian/American Idol I think); he’s at a university in Bangkok but his Mom stays at the house across the street apparently.  So there.

My furniture is pretty much all back in Mae Hong Son so the next thing on my list is to head up there early next week and hire a big truck to take all my stuff to Chiang Mai.

Thanks for praying!

One thought on “the house

  1. Beth,
    the house looks great! So excited for you as you begin your second term in Thailand! Wish we had the chance to see you while you were home, but maybe when we get back to Thailand we will get to see you.
    take care and enjoy settling….


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