healing and renewal

Thanks for your prayers for Thailand. 

Things have been quieter within the last day.  The curfew that was put in place on the 19th will continue on through Saturday evening.  I was out yesterday to the local grocery store and market to buy some things and didn’t see anything unusual – except for lots of people stocking up on food and water just in case further unrest broke out. 

But the main issues have not disappeared.  They are still very much there under the surface and added to those issues now is the hurt caused by the rioting, vandalism and violence that has taken place in various areas, particularly in Bangkok. 

I keep thinking about the ‘red shirt’ protesters who are on their way back to their homes from Bangkok.  I’ve been wondering what sort of reception they’ll find when they return home and the possible divisions and conflicts that will further erupt. 

Please pray for healing for this land and for renewal.  Pray that the Lord would transform the hearts here and that there would be forgiveness and reconciliation – on personal levels but for the country as a whole.

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