blooming in the dark

Did you know that jasmine only blooms at night?

But in the daylight…

Yearns for the sun.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s for the light.
Basks in the glory of the day.
But won’t budge a petal.

Then night falls.
And creation’s magic takes place.
He unfolds its tiny bud.

His beauty reflected in a little white flower.

He, whose blood washes us as white as snow.  
As white as a fresh jasmine bloom.
Arms wide open.
Who thinks to stop and notice a little flower blooming in the middle of the night?  
Whose attention is drawn?  
For whose delight does the bud perform with such humility and beauty?

2 thoughts on “blooming in the dark

  1. beth! this is beautiful. did you take these photos? it took love and observation to capture this. thank you! i never knew before that jasmine blooms at night. 🙂


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