from last week up in Mae Hong Son

I had a chance to take a short (Tues-Fri) trip up to Mae Hong Son last week; wish I could’ve stayed a bit longer as I was really encouraged by my time with PT and others as well.

Last Thursday, August 12th was Mother’s Day (the Queen of Thailand’s birthday) and it was fun to be around for a Mother’s Day celebration that the church in NPJT held for anyone in the village who wanted to come.  PT preached about a mother’s responsibility to her child and then a child’s responsibility to their mother.  She encouraged everyone then to verbally tell their mothers and children, “I love you.”  PT said that it’s not easy for a Thai-yai person to say those words and acknowledged that it might be hard to do but that it was important.  Later on, even Grandpa Naan, the oldest believer (number of years as a believer) in that village, told me that he had a hard time saying, “I love you” to his kids (who are all adults).  Interesting cultural insight.

The youth group and a few adults put on a short play in which a mother had two kids who were completely unappreciative of their mother.  In the end the mother died and the kids realised how horrible they’d been to their mother and how they never got a chance to change their ways and love and appreciate their mother who loved and tried hard to look after them.  At the very end of the play, the cast began to sing a Thai song about mothers and all that they do for their children and I think nearly all the women (and I’m sure a lot of the men) in the ‘sala’ were in tears.  Then all the mothers or mother figures who were there were presented with a small jasmine corsage.  [The jasmine flowers we had were fake but in other instances I’ve seen real flowers used.]  I was encouraged to give a corsage to the wife of the village headman – which I guess was just seen as a sign of respect.  Then a few of the kids in the youth group gave me a corsage.  Sweet.  🙂  Anyhow it was nice to be there for all of that.

And it was PT’s birthday on the 12th – great to be there for that as well!

One thought on “from last week up in Mae Hong Son

  1. beth! the mountain picture is stunning! i was travelling to tak and to sameong area (in chaingmai) last week. and saw similar view. isn't rainy season wonderful? 🙂 thanks for sharing about the mother's day. culture is definitely amazing thing.


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