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Like free books?  Don’t mind writing up reviews to get free books?  I sound like a commercial, don’t I?

I was reading through a blog the other day and discovered BookSneeze – a website through which you can get free Christian books published by Thomas Nelson (limited selection available at a time) on the condition that you agree to write up in 200 words your honest opinion about what you just read (or saw, because there seem to be DVDs there as well).  The deal sounds a bit too good to be true.  Free books?  Mailed to you for free?  In exchange for an honest review?  Well, take a look at the selection first.

It seems to me that these books and movies are perhaps not very popular or well written books (or have possibly just been published and aren’t known of yet) and THAT’s why they want you to write up a review.  They just want some reviews out there.  Many of the authors are well-known but their recently published book (or produced movie) isn’t perhaps a best-seller.  This is my conclusion at least from reading up a bit on a few selections on Amazon.  So you may be in for a real doozy.  That said, there may be some real gems among them.

As for me, I have a lot of books on the go already but decided to try it out (how long will it take for the book or DVD to arrive here in Thailand, I wonder?) and start with a DVD.  I’ll let you know when I’ve eventually written up a review for it.  A doozy or a gem…?  At least I’m free to write what I really think!

If you’re seriously interested in getting free books in exchange for honest reviews, check out more opportunities listed here on some random guy’s blog.  Enjoy!

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