praying in faith and expecting change

“Believing without seeing, for which we are to be blessed, is not only believing in the existence of God, in His love and compassion, and in the truth of His promises, but it is actively and repeatedly showing confidence and trust in calling upon Him in our times of need, and expecting something to be different because we called.  To be able to dissect and analyze and make a mathematical formula of what happens when we call for God’s help is not what we are promised.  God is God, and He remains God  We are human beings and we remain human beings.  We can have a relationship with, be children of, be friends of, come to know in a very real way the living God, Creator of the Universe, but our relationship, our friendship, our communication with Him does not lift us out of the finite and make us a little bit infinite.  A mystery of being remains.  The mystery of existence remains.  The mystery of life an death remains.”
-Edith Schaeffer, “The Tapestry”, p. 22

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