banana wheat bread

I made another batch of what I like to call Elf Bread (aka Banana Wheat Bread) tonight.  I add a little more bananas like some of the commenters on suggest.  I also add some oats (but not too many that all the extra moistness from the bananas is absorbed by the oats).  A little bit extra wheat germ too.  And sometimes chocolate chips.  It’s a-ma-zing with its slight nutty taste.  And – which is really the main reason why I’ve been baking it – it keeps me full in the mornings (or whenever I’m snacking on it). 

Ask any friend of mine here or there and they’ll tell you that I’m constantly snacking or hungry.  I think it’s a blood sugar thing and a fast metabolism.  I’m not sure.  But I’m certainly not complaining about the fast metabolism.  It’s just nice to find another breakfast alternative that gives me energy and keeps me full throughout the morning. 

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