a watched pot never boils and a watched orchid never blooms

I’m sure you’re familiar with the first saying.  The second saying is mine.

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting the last few months (since April I think) for more orchid blossoms to appear on the various orchid plants in my yard.  But to no avail.

I bought some fertilizer spray for the orchids and some other plants in my yard.  The spray only seemed to cause weird things to happen with the leaves on the plants so I stopped using it.  And no blossoms appeared.

I regularly watered the orchids and other plants in my yard up until rainy season came.  Then I stopped and God watered everything for me.  And still no blossoms out.

Then I forgot about the orchids and other plants in my yard for a little while.  Things got busy.  I pruned back bushes so I could get to the washing machine and laundry line at the side of my house.  But I forgot so much I even forgot to add any fertilizer pellets to the water of the lotus growing in front of my house (which mistakenly was given a monthly pellet every week throughout hot season – no one who came to my house had ever seen a lotus grow so tall before).  And still no orchid blossoms.

Beyond forgetting.  Rainy season continued and I continued to forget.

Then I came home from having an unusually good day at the office – where I work at half of my responsibilities here – and a flash of colour caught my eye.

Blossoms!  I couldn’t believe it.  Not on just one plant, but on two!  Not just a couple blossoms, but many!

The wait was worth it.

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