first review for BookSneeze

You may recall me writing about BookSneeze not too long ago.  Well the DVD I chose from their website – “The Way Home” – arrived a couple weeks back, but I only just watched it on Friday night.

I have to say I had low expectations going in.  (Sorry Dean Cain – you’re no Superman anymore.)  So I was not surprised at all when I found “The Way Home” dragging on and on and on.  There was a lot of effort to tell the story of what happened to the Simpkins family’s youngest but unfortunately the bad acting and poor film quality really took away from the story itself.  If it hadn’t been based on a true story I don’t think I would’ve bothered watching it to the end.  Sad to say I wouldn’t recommend the movie but I would recommend BookSneeze – I’m sure there’s bound to be some gems among all the not-so-great books/DVDs.   

You can find my full review here on the blog I’ll use to write up my reviews.

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