Kindle version of ESV Bible

Did you know that even if you don’t own a Kindle you can still get an application for your computer (or some other electronic devices) that allows you to read Kindle versions of books?

I was at a conference in mid-February in which we learned to teach the Bible through stories and saw one guy with his Kindle reading the Bible out loud to himself (as we were supposed to do for part of the preparation of this particular method of teaching the.  As I was blessed with some birthday money last year and used it to buy myself a Kindle, I always find it intriguing to see other Kindle users here in Thailand.  He, too, was a foreigner but had some good tips for me about downloading free books from Amazon (some of which I already knew about and had downloaded/added to my Kindle). 

One question I had for him was, “Which Kindlized translation of the Bible did he use?”  The one version I had bought (NRSV) is VERY difficult to navigate (go to table of contents, then find the book you want, then once you get to the book you have to keep clicking ‘next page’ until you get to where you want to be – not exactly convenient).  He was using the Kindlized ESV translation which was somewhat easier to navigate (this is something that Bible publishers should really work on for the Kindle).  He also told me that it was free on Amazon right now. 

Sure enough I went, saw, clicked and it went effortlessly to my Kindle – all for free. 

So, going back to what I mentioned earlier, even if you don’t have a Kindle, go to Amazon’s website, download the application for whatever device you want to use it on, make sure you have an account at Amazon and search for the ESV Kindle Bible (make sure the Kindle price still says $0.00 before you click to ‘purchase’ it!) and other free materials. 

Or, go find your Bible and enjoy turning real pages and navigating freely. 

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