after the rain

It’s been raining since Monday.  Literally.  Raining non-stop.  And cold.  Like cold-season cold in Mae Hong Son cold.

I shut the windows in my house yesterday because I couldn’t stand the cold anymore.  But my kitchen windows just have screens and no glass panes and so the cold stuck around in my house.

Even my cats were cold.  And stir-crazy.  They were manic yesterday – days and days stuck inside the house, only venturing out to hide underneath my truck in the driveway for a few minutes before they, in absolute disgust, flew back into the house scolding me for the wet and the cold.

But late late last night the rain stopped.  I think.  Well at least it wasn’t raining again in the morning.  No sounds of water pouring down from the skies.  No sounds of even drips from the roof.  The birds were chirping, and the sun – oh the sun! – showed itself and welcomed itself in through the front windows and screen door of my house.

My windows are still shut.  And I’m bundled up as I sit and drink hot Earl Grey with HOT oatmeal porridge.  But it’s looking like it’s gonna be a good day.

I really shouldn’t complain though.  Usually March is seasoned with smokey skies, temperatures steadily increasing to hot season norms.  And certainly NO rain.

So I don’t know where this cold front and non-stop rain (also very unusual – even in rainy season it doesn’t rain non-stop for days and days; just big downpours for periods of time during the day – sometimes only once or twice a day or none even at all) came from.  But the sunbeams in my house are a welcome sight today.

I’ll need to remember I said that in about a month’s time when the heat’s intense.

Oh, and my cats were out the door first thing this morning following some breakfast.  Now they can be manic outside and return back to their normal selves: still slightly crazy.

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