wedding in 10 days and flooding in my neighbourhood

With less than 10 full days to go until Tawee’s and my wedding, my neighbourhood has totally flooded after a stream running through the neighbourhood flooded over its banks on Tuesday.  At 7pm on Tuesday evening my street was one of the last ones to be dry but shortly thereafter the water started coming and by 1am the road was covered.  By 5am Wednesday morning the water level had reached the gate at my house (at the end of my driveway).  By 8am it was just past the gate.

Then Tawee and I went with my sister and Mom and Aunt Rosi to a government district office to get legally married (part of the marriage process here) and then out for a celebratory coffee.

Rachel and I got back to my house just before 1pm on Wednesday and sandbags had been placed at the end of my driveway but yet water was still creeping into my yard.

By 2:30pm Tawee had arrived (having waded through knee deep water from the entrance of the mubaan/neighbourhood to get to my house) and by 5pm we had lifted up what we could from the floor of my house (particularly the kitchen which is lower than the rest of the house).  Because the water level was so high we could no longer use the toilet, etc. so decided it best to sleep elsewhere for the night.

Overnight the water level went up further but it hasn’t gone into my house yet.

Please please please be praying that the water levels would go down soon and that the flood waters would not enter my house or cause more damage to other people’s houses in my neighbourhoodPray that the rain would stop falling (it has stopped majorly raining for the past 1.5 days but pray that it stops raining until the problem is over).  Please pray also that my stress levels would decrease and I’d hold onto Christ’s peace in the midst of all of this.

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