prayer need: flooding in Chiang Mai

Please pray!

The main river that passes through Chiang Mai has flooded over its banks and the river water continues to rise because of rain in the city, as well as further north.  There is also a new typhoon due to hit Thailand by the weekend:

Some of you had heard that just before our wedding in early August, there was flooding in my (now our) neighbhourhood – to the point that my sister and I had to stay at a guesthouse in town for 5 nights because we couldn’t use the bathroom anymore.  Fortunately the water didn’t enter the house but did come half-way up our driveway.  The small stream that goes through our neighbourhood is quite high and it’s very possible we’ll wake up in the morning with the entire neighbourhood flooded again.  Please pray that this doesn’t happen at all!

The flooding in Chiang Mai is very bad – you can see some pictures on Facebook (from some local newspapers).  The last link shows the water levels of the Mae Nam Ping River at two points in Chiang Mai.

As if God wanted to give us some perspective about our situation in our neighbourhood, we arrived home from Chiang Rai about 3:30pm and the Ahka woman, Aey, who helps clean once a week was still at our house.  She and her son live in Chiang Mai and her husband lives up in Chiang Dao this year and had planted peanuts.  Their plan was to sell the peanuts to then buy rice for the year (if you have rice then you won’t go hungry, even if you don’t have much else).  But even though her family’s village is not at the lowest point in their area, water started coming up from the ground apparently and by Sunday it was about waist deep.  They’ve never seen anything like it before – it’s never flooded in their village.  Wanting to honour God and the Sabbath day of rest, they didn’t work on pulling up the nearly-ready-to-be-harvested-peanuts from the ground but said they’d wait until Monday.  Come Monday, the water had risen above their heads, causing them to be unable to attempt to pull out their peanut crop.  She’s convinced it’s destroyed.

Tawee and I prayed for her and her family and village.  Aey just kept saying, she didn’t know what God was trying to teach her (she’s a strong believer) but she knew she had to persevere.  Obviously she was upset, heartbroken for her family’s situation for the next year (no money to buy rice), and stressed about feeling so powerless.  Please pray for her and her family and her village, and all the other people who have been and will be affected by the flooding.

So although more flooding in our neighbourhood won’t affect our food for the year, or even our health, it would be a major inconvenience.  And we don’t know where we’d stay in the meantime (us, our dog, two adult cats and 4 kittens – too many pets in this small house, I know!!! The 4 little ones will have new homes next month.).

Thank you for praying!

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