flooding in Chiang Mai update: Thurs, Sept 29th

Thursday, September 29th

@ 8am
As of this morning, just before 8am, we don’t have any flooding yet in our neighbourhood.  Thank you for praying! The small stream that runs through our neighbourhood may have gone up an inch or so but that’s about it.  All of this could change very quickly though so please pray for wisdom to know what to do and how to prepare for flooding in our neighbourhood again.

The tropical storm/typhoon expected to hit on Saturday seems to be changing and according to the website it doesn’t look like it will hit Thailand really.  Some rain may come of it but nothing severe it seems.  Great answer to prayer!

The water levels of the Mae Nam Ping River that runs through Chiang Mai continued to go up during the night, to a level slightly higher than when there was very bad flooding in 2005.

@ 9:00am
Tried going to a prayer meeting on the other side of town but with more roads closed because of the flooding I couldn’t get by.  So I headed back home but stopped off at my organisation’s office in Chiang Mai to see how things were there and to see how my friend who lives nearby there was doing.  My friend wasn’t home and the office had already moved everything from the first floor up to the 2nd floor and had placed sandbags and other barricades around to hopefully prevent the first floor from flooding.  Water had reached the corner near the Voice of Peace office and was gradually making its way to the Mekong Center (our office).

Then I continued on home but stopped at the grocery store to get a few supplies before heading home.

Got a hold of my friend and Tawee and I went back to help move some of the most important things out of her first floor room in the hostel.  Stopped in at the office again – water still okay initially but when we left the office at 11:30am or so the underground car park had begun filling with water.  We stopped off at another friend’s house on the way home to help lift things up off the floor.

@ 6:00pm
We just put out the sandbags again at the end of our driveway with the help of our landlord, P’On, her kids. P’On had heard “the water’s coming into our mubaan tonight” but who knows what we’ll find in our neighbourhood come morning. We’re thankful for a great landlord and that Tawee and I get to go through this together! Still praying for the the many many areas so so badly affected by the flooding in Thailand.

Went to have dinner with a friend and prayer partner from Canada who was passing through Chiang Mai with her boyfriend.  A fun meal in a dry area of town (they DO exist!)!

@ 10:30pm
The stream going through our neighbourhood was slowly rising with more water expected to come tonight when the release water from the dams further north.  The drains along the street are nearly to the top and water may start filling the streets during the night this way.

Although it didn’t really rain at all in Chiang Mai today, it did rain further north and we will get that water eventually as well.

If you’ve seen any of the pictures of the flooding, you may assume that the whole city is under water – it’s not but there are MANY areas that are badly affected.  Pray that God would use this flooding to bring people to believe in Him.

It’s hard to say what things will be like tomorrow but God is good, faithful and loving and we trust that He’ll continue to look after us.

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