October is Month of Prayer for the Thai-yai

We would like to invite you to a party! This is the third year where believers have gathered together having designated October as “month of prayer for the Sh-n (Thai-yai).”

God is working among the Sh-n. He is raising up gifted leaders in different areas where the Sh-n live. He is also calling people from other countries and cultures to reach out to the Sh-n. European, North American, South American, Thai, Lisu, Kachin and others are all hearing God’s call to his people to intercede for and participate in God’s mission to the Sh-n! As you pray for the Sh-n this month be aware that you are joining together with others across the globe. God is robbed of his glory in so many ways amongst the Sh-n. Pray that God will be known and that his salvation will be experienced across North Thailand, the Sh-n state, South West China and beyond!

There are 5 ways in which you can sign up to pray for the Sh-n during this month. What a huge blessing, what a huge privilege to be involved!

Email: Subscribe to prayfortheshan[at]gmail[dot]com
Facebook: Pray for the Shan Facebook
Twitter: ShanPrayer Twitter
Blog:  Words of Eternal Life
Austin City Life Daily Emails: ACL Subscribe

Be Blessed!

But don’t keep the blessing of praying for the Sh-n to yourself, get others praying with you!                                                               

You can also look at further material and download the 30 day prayer guide for the Sh-n at www.surehope.net
*from a prayer bulletin for the Thai-yai (Sh-n) people

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