urgent prayer request for a teammate

A teammate of mine, R, who lives in a different but nearby country is very much in need of prayer.

This afternoon R was admitted to a local hospital with various symptoms: coughing up blood, high blood pressure, cold-like symptoms, and was not able to say what her name was – very much out of it.  She’s also 31 weeks pregnant. 

Please pray for healing, but also pray for the opportunity for her to be medically evacuated to Thailand or a place where there are better medical facilities.   It seems that she may need to deliver the baby ASAP. The nearest airport to R is two hours away from where she and her husband and toddler live.

Pray for the following things to take place: the insurance to agree, and to send a plane, and for the airport to let the plane come.  In addition to these things, please keep praying for healing.

By 6am on Jan 3rd, R was being taken by ambulance to the city with the nearest airport – 2 hours away.  From there she’ll be flown to another city with better facilities and it’s likely they’ll have to do an emergency c-section.  Please keep praying for R and her husband, toddler and baby in utero. 

Received another e-mail at 9am – they’ve arrived in the bigger city and have gone to a hospital there.  They will be delivering the baby shortly.  Please keep praying. 

E-mail received around dinner time this evening communicated that R had improved greatly and was even able to talk a little bit with her husband (but she’s still on the ventilator).  Baby A.E. is stable for now but will very much still need your prayers.  Pray for the doctors at the hospital they’re currently at to sign the release papers so R and baby A.E. may be evacuated to better medical facilities.

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