Run for Relief ’12 – Chiang Mai, TH

After a week of me teaching in the Internship Program, Dear Dear and I got up early and headed out to the NW edge of Chiang Mai (I guess so far on the edge that it was actually Mae Rim) at Huay Tung Tao Reservoir for another Run For Relief.

Run For Relief is a 5km run or walk race that first began in 2004 in Washington State, USA.  It was organised to help raise awareness about the situation in Burma, specifically of the areas where the ethnic peoples of Burma have been persecuted, killed or forced to become some of the over one million Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Burma.  Run For Relief is also an opportunity for funds to be raised for relief aid sent into Burma by Free Burma Rangers and Partners Relief and Development.

As the leader of Free Burma Rangers announced before the race, in addition to raising awareness and funds, the race can be something more for its participants – running in solidarity with those who have no choice but to run.

Many of our friends in Chiang Mai run or walk every year.  It’s a community event that has spread worldwide. 

Tawee with our friend, Justin.
Me with our friend, Angela (Justin’s wife).
Tawee running the race in flip flops (one of the categories for running).
Tawee had come back to find me early on in the race and we walked/ran for the whole race, completing it in a faster time than last year.  🙂

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