Spring Thankfulness and His Graces

It’s been a long time since I added to my list of One Thousand Gifts.  A friend of mine recently read Ann Voskamp’s book and dared her friends to join in listing what we’re thankful for – to practice eucharisto.

So my list continues on this overcast spring morning…

36. Fresh spring leaves unfurling.
37. Joy and gratitude overflowing at a weekend wedding celebration.
38. The forest floor abounding in trillium white.
39. Worshiping Jesus with our church family here in Canada.
40. Long forgotten pictures, words, artifacts rediscovered.
41. Vacuums making dust and dirt disappear.
42. Visits with friends not seen for years and years.
43. Sisters.
44. Family.
45. Green on green on green out my window.
46. Dark clouds and showers that will bring forth new life.

One thought on “Spring Thankfulness and His Graces

  1. Hello Beth,

    I was especially moved by this post and believe that the idea of giving thanks is one that can certainly yield great rewards.

    I hope you have a blessed week and may God give you grace in all your challenges.



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