then and now: an exercise in remembering

This post is a little walk down memory lane – something that a friend on Facebook initiated.  Upon liking her status of her own memories, she assigned me an age to reflect back on.  Here goes!

Age given: 22
Lived:  In a room shared with 3 other young women, while attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS), with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), in Turner Valley, AB.  Living on campus at the training centre/base was certainly a stretching and growing experience for me!
Drove: Nothing.  I didn’t have a vehicle.  Lots of walking during that time!
Did: Participated in the DTS, learned more about my relationship with the Lord, grew in my faith, and understanding of the role of missions for the body of Christ.  Travelled to S.E. Asia for the first time (Thailand and Burma), had some serious culture shock, met some lovely Shan women in Burma and was pretty sure that Asia was a nice place to visit but I never wanted to live there.

Age: 34
Live: In a small, cosy house with my Northern Thai husband, on the edge of a small village just south of Chiang Rai, in Northern Thailand.  I’ve been living in Thailand since 2005 – almost 8 years now!
Drive: A Ford Ranger XL pick-up truck.
Do: Growing a cute baby girl (that’s a lot of tiring work, let me tell you!), and serving with a different international missions organisation, involved in various ways in church planting among the Thai-yai (and other closely related Tai groups) in this area and beyond.  Growing in my walk with the Lord in this new stage in life: as a new wife (1.5 years of marriage!) to a wonderful, loving man; and a soon-to-be (June 9th!) Mum to a sweet little flower of joy.  Amazed and grateful at God’s goodness in my life, and thankful for this journey that He’s been leading me on.  Looking forward for how He’ll continue to guide our little family.

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