Kateful 3.0 – "_____, where are you?"

“Susu, where are you?”

“Meemee, where are you?”

“Story, where are you?”

“Daddy, where are you?”

Kate has clearly got this searching question format down.  All day today, she was calling out to her missing items.  Her soother, her lovey/blankey, her story (?), and her little person toy/figure that Tawee named Daddy – just for fun.

It’s so fun to see her mind at work; understanding how to form the question and replace just the beginning part of the sentence with the item she’s searching for.

She really is doing this language learning thing really well and it reminds me so much of how I’ve been taught HOW to learn a language.  She does it not because someone taught her to do it this way, but just as she continues to develop, this part of her brain just does it.  I don’t know.  She’s amazing to me.  And God is much much MUCH more amazing that He would create us to learn like this!

Later in the day, as I was making dinner, Kate brought in Tawee’s snow pants and wanted me to put her in them.  I still don’t know how she managed to shuffle along as her feet only went down as far as the knees in them – maybe.  THEN she brought in Tawee’s hoodie and wanted help to put that on.  A little monkey with the sleeves rolled up, front zipped up and hood pulled up.  I just love her.

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