The Story of the Lost Sapphire

I always joke with Tawee that I need to attach a tracking device to his keys, glasses, earbuds/headset, and phone.  Somehow, something always goes missing temporarily everyday.   It drives me nuts! And then, about twenty times a day, Kate can be heard asking, “Meemee, Susu, where are you?” (Her lovey and her soother.)  Fortunately, Kate’s misplaced items/friends are fairly easily found.

Misplacing something common that you use everyday is an annoyance.  Losing (potentially forever) something precious and meaningful to you can be heartbreaking.

The one time we LOST Meemee on an impromptu trip to the beach this past fall, Tawee and I went into super detective mode, nearly DESPERATE to find Meemee before Kate relised that Meemee could be gone FOREVER.  [And no, we didn’t (and still don’t) have a backup Meemee.]

Tawee became the (super) hero that day, when an older couple told him they had, indeed, spotted a green blankey on a bench down by the beach.  Meemee was recovered, we were relieved and Kate had a happy heart once again as she snuggled her lovey.

Today, mid-morning, in the middle of a meeting in our living room, I realised that the small sapphire stone from my wedding band was missing.  I didn’t know when it had gone missing, and had no idea where it could be.  While it didn’t have a large monetary value, it was special to me because Tawee had designed the rings, bought the gems and arranged to have our wedding bands made.  It was a symbol of the covenant that we made with God, on our wedding day.  It was precious to me for those reasons.  

After that meeting this morning, we had to rush to eat and get out the door for an appointment and some errands.  Kate napped in the car and was still asleep by the time we got home and slept a bit longer.  When she did wake up, I put some fun music on and we were being silly.  I was crawling around pretending to be a horse.  I paused,  looked to my left, and saw something like a black fleck of dirt on the off-white carpet.  The fleeting thought that it could be the missing sapphire didn’t cause my heart to be overly hopeful.  But I still flicked at it with my finger.  I picked it up and examined it closer.  It was the sapphire.

To say that I was amazed is an understatement.  I couldn’t believe it!  I hadn’t even looked for it and yet God put it RIGHT THERE in front of my eyes.  It hadn’t been washed down a drain.  It hadn’t tumbled somewhere in the car or outside in the snow.  God put it right there.  Right in front of the Mommy acting silly with her daughter, crawling around on the floor like a horse.

What a gracious God we have.  Gracious to provide down to the minutest detail what we need or even with what our hearts would be blessed by.  Gracious to meet us where we’re at.  Gracious to withhold what we think we need, as well.  Gracious even when we’re not.  HIS mercies are new every morning.

Of course, I’m reminded of the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son in Luke 15.  How could I not?

All those sapphires out there, God sees them.  All those precious souls He longs for, for them to become His children – to be found, to run home, to be celebrated over.  Some of them don’t even know they’re missing.  But God sees them.  And the reunions will fill hearts to overflowing.  The repentant hearts will be embraced by their loving, heavenly Father.

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